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 It's been a rough go of it for Lily Allen this month. Nearly three weeks ago, the 25-year-old English pop star weathered through blood poisoning onset by a miscarriage in late October. Now, she's striking out against a Daily Mail reporter over claims that she and boyfriend Sam Cooper will tie the knot as a means of dealing with their loss.

An infuriated Allen took to Twitter on Sunday, calling out Daily Mail columnist Katie Nicholl "a c***" and rattled off a few other comments pertaining to Nicholl's Sunday article.

"Losing their unborn child this month was a devastating blow for Lily Allen and boyfriend Sam Cooper – but the tragedy has only brought the couple closer together and now they are planning a New Year wedding," Nicholl wrote.

Nicholl quickly caught wind of Allen's rants and "threatened to consult her lawyer" if Allen didn't remove her "heavy handed" tweets.

Allen ultimately stood her ground, keeping with her harsh name-calling prior to laying into Nicholl once more.

"Katie Nicholl I THINK you're a c***, leave me out of your s***ty column, you know nothing about the intimate details of my life."

She added: "There's a time and a place for your musings where I'm concerned, and it's not now."

Do you think Katie Nicholl's article was inappropriate?

by MacKenzie Wilson

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By MacKenzie Wilson