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 Cheryl Cole was recently lobbed in the face with custard pie, but it was all for a good cause, the BBC reports.

The Girls Aloud singer was on hand at the Pride of Britain Awards earlier this week to present Cameron Small, a young boy with a life-threatening blood disorder, with the Young Fundraiser of the Year Award. Small raised nearly $160,000 in donations for Royal Manchester Children's Hospital. His pie-throwing antics, which earned $25,000, are just the latest in a string of fun-filled money-raising schemes, including sitting in a bath of baked beans and organizing a large sandcastle construction.

"I was shocked by how much money it raised. I was really proud and happy because it's a really good award," Cole said.

Cole's good deed comes amid much fan furor over her refusal to vote during Sunday's episode of The X Factor. Some argue that the show is rigged and that Treyc Cohen was wrongly dismissed in order to keep Katie Waissal. Many are calling for Cole to be fired, but host Dermot O’Leary has come to her and the show's defense via several Twitter posts says The Metro.

"We never know which way the judges are going to vote. Ever. The only thing I know is who's in the bottom two when I'm given the card."

"I don't know which judge to go to until I'm called, and the judges, including Simon, don’t know the vote or who we're coming to next. It’s that simple."

Well at least Cole's relationship with her supposed longtime nemesis, fellow bandmate Nadine Coyle, might be on the mend. Apparently the two secretly met up at Cole's house to "iron out their differences". Let's hope so!

by MacKenzie Wilson

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By MacKenzie Wilson