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 Banksy prefers to keep his identity a secret, but the British graffiti artist's name won't stop popping up. The guy supposedly harassed Prince Charles at Glastonbury last summer and his famous graffiti tag was scrawled all over a Simpsons episode in October. TIME magazine also named the elusive street painter one of the Most 100 Influential earlier this year. Who are you, Banksy?!?!?!

According to the BBC, Banksy's Exit Through the Gift Shop is one of 15 titles being considered for the Best Documentary category for next year's Oscars. That list will be trimmed down to five when Academy Award nominations are announced on January 25.

Earlier this month, it was named the Most Entertaining Documentary at the annual Grierson Trust Awards in London.

Exit Through the Gift Shop highlights the street art scene through Thierry Guetta's eyes. Guetta is a French immigrant with filmmaking aspirations and it's during his journey that he comes across Banksy. While we get a brief glimpse into Banksy's world, Guetta's plans of unveiling more of his secrets are dashed when Banksy flips the camera on him.

Do you think Bansky's Exit Through the Gift Shop deserves to be nominated for an Oscar?

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By MacKenzie Wilson