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They can’t all be The Office: American TV viewers have seen a gazillion erudite British TV comedies get a Hollywood makeover and crash spectacularly on our shores. This very phenomenon provides the backdrop for Showtime’s upcoming sitcom Episodes.

In the new series, Friends actor Matt LeBlanc stars as, well, actor Matt LeBlanc. Very meta. The fictional LeBlanc is cast as the lead in the U.S. adaptation of a BAFTA-winning Britcom, much to the chagrin of its husband-and-wife creators (played by Green Wing‘s brilliant Stephen Mangan and Tamsin Greig).

The trailer has hit the web, and you can watch below:

What do you think of Episodes? Does it look promising?

– How will SyFy’s remake of Being Human differ from the UK original? Executive producer Jeremy Carver tells SFX, “We told ourselves that we would start very much from the same place where [the original] started and then branch out from there. We are not shy about taking bits we love from the British series and skinning them in our own way.” He also says that Sam Witwer‘s vampire character Aidan will have “the same cool factor” as Aidan Turner‘s Mitchell. (Digital Spy)

– Daily Telegraph writer Milo Yiannopoulos tangled with Stephen Fry on Twitter this past weekend and has some harsh words for the famous polymath. “Fry has cleverly manufactured an adorable, bumbling, avuncular public persona that people can’t seem to get enough of. But I wonder: has Fry’s fan club so insulated him from criticism that he’s now unable to handle even the mildest rebuke without launching into a profanity-laden hissy fit?”

“Fail to give him the adoration he craves, on the other hand, and Fry gets very nasty, very quickly — as I learned this weekend.”

– The BBC tells The Hollywood Reporter that the upcoming Prince William/Kate Middleton nuptials will “be enjoyed by one of the biggest audiences in history.” Could the global viewership top the almost 1 billion who tuned in for the Prince Charles and Diana wedding?

The Daily Mail compares Kate Middleton to the late Lady Di a.k.a. “The People’s Princess.” “Catherine Elizabeth Middleton entered the public arena in a more assured way than Lady Diana Spencer.

“Confident and poised, observers say she has all the appearance of someone who has been groomed for royal duty, possessing a knowing look, secure in her knowledge of William’s affections and intentions.

“Diana, in contrast, emerged as ‘Shy Di’.

“She was demure and blushed as she posed for her engagement pictures, her eyes peering out from under her long fringe.”

Sir Elton John will embrace his inner Piers Morgan and edit the December 1st issue of the British newspaper The Independent. He will oversee the special World AIDS Day issue of the paper. “I was thrilled to be invited to guest edit The Independent,” said Sir Elton. “I’m really looking forward to spending a day in the editor’s chair, and I’m pleased to get the chance to put the subject of AIDS at the top of the editorial agenda.” And, as The Independent notes, “All circulation revenues from the one-off editions on 1 December will be given to the musician’s charity, the Elton John AIDS Foundation.”

Dame Helen Mirren is set to receive the Sherry Lansing Leadership Award. Named after the former head of Paramount Pictures, the yearly award goes to “a woman who has built a unique entertainment career and made significant contributions to society.” (AP via Google)

Katie Waissel — a controversial finalist on Simon Cowell‘s UK X Factor — has found herself the target of cyber death threats and hate mail, reports The Daily Mail. “As of today there are more than 40 Facebook groups which hundreds of thousands of members have joined, that either ridicule Miss Waissel or campaign for her to be booted from the competition, with only a handful springing up in support of the singer. One group, called ‘It’s easier to get rid of Chlamydia than it is Katie Waissel is on Facebook’, has 214,188 [members],” says the paper.

Here’s video of Waissel rasping through Christina Aguilera‘s “Save Me From Myself” on this past weekend’s results show. Does she warrant such vitriol from fans?

– Waissel is among the X Factor finalists who laid down vocals to the charity remake of David Bowie‘s “Heroes.” (The Sun)

David Beckham says his American-raised sons take the piss out of him for his British accent. “I’ve lived in Spain, Milan and Manchester for so many years but I’ve never lost my East End accent and never will.

“The boys are funny. I was putting Cruz in bed the other night, I said something and he said, ‘Daddy, you’re so English.’ I was like, ‘So are you, actually.’ We laughed about that.” (Mirror)

by Kevin Wicks

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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.