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 Cheryl Cole is riding high on her latest UK No. 1, "Promise This" and some of America's music industry personnel are taking notice.

The Sun reports that the Girls Aloud singer was recently flown out to Los Angeles to meet with Universal Records execs over a possible $9.7million (£6million) record deal. The potential contract would see her first two albums — 3 Words and Messy Little Raindrops — reissued in the States as well as two future LPs.

"Cheryl got a call from some very senior people at Universal saying they wanted to see her," a source confirmed. "They are the kind of people who when they say, 'Jump', you ask, 'How high?' So she jumped on a plane and went to L.A. for 36 hours. Derek was there to ferry her to and fro and give her support as these big execs can be quite scary."

The stunning X Factor judge has been photographed hanging out with American dancer Derek Hough in recent months. He and Cole also strike it up in a sizzling dance routine as featured in her video for "Parachute".

In other news:

– Uh oh! Jason Manford, host of the BBC's One Show, is in some hot water today, after the 29-year-old English comedian and actor fessed up to sending a slew of sleazy tweets to a female fan. The married father of two (his wife is pregnant with baby No. 3) has apologized for his actions. (The Sun)

Deadline offers some insight on why J.J. Abrams's latest spy drama, Undercovers — starring English-bred actress and Doctor Who star Gugu Mbatha-Raw — won't be returning next season.

– In other TV news: Next spring, TV viewers will be treated to a two-hour sneak peek of Terra Nova next spring. Stephen Spielberg is executive producer of the FOX sci-fi thriller, starring Shelley Conn of BBC's Mistresses and Life on Mars' Jason O'Mara. Will you be watching? (New York Post)

– Man, that pesky Jay Kay can't keep his mouth shut. Not even a week ago the Jamiroquai singer tore into X Factor judges Dannii Minogue and Cheryl Cole, pegging them as "useless." Now he's going after Lady Gaga.

"Lady Gaga is a money-making freak for her label," he said. "We (Jamiroquai) are not like that. We do music, not marketing. Lady Gaga is obviously a phenomenon. The world loves a freak. If the record companies see that they can make money with them, they will do anything."

Yikes, Jay. Sounds like sour grapes to me. Quit being such a jealous baby. (Toronto Sun)

– The dapper Benedict Cumberbatch reveals some tasty tid bits to Harper's Bazaar UK. The Sherlock star chats about his favorite guilty pleasure, his favorite cliché, and more.

– It appears that the next James Bond film might actually see the light of day in 2012. MGM says they have plans to push on with The Hunger Games, after filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy cleared their nasty financial record earlier this week. I wonder how Daniel Craig, the franchise’s current spy superstar, will take the news? He was mighty annoyed about the lull in filming back in October. (The Hollywood Reporter)

– English author Sebastian Faulks sits down with the BBC to talk about the play based on his best-selling WWI drama, Birdsong, currently playing in London's West End. The stage adaptation, directed by Trevor Nunn and written by Rachel Wagstaff, was almost too much to fathom for Faulks, who likens it to "trying to turn a painting into a sculpture."

by MacKenzie Wilson

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By MacKenzie Wilson