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 Graham Norton has his hands full these days, with his hosting duties on BBC Radio 2, the Eurovision Song Contest, and his own BBC America chat and comedy hour, The Graham Norton Show.

But the darling Irish actor and comedian wants to assure everyone that he's never had the thought of stepping on anyone's toes, let alone the intentions of taking over. He's just a sweet guy who's enjoying the opportunities that have come his way.

"I'm worried," Norton tells The Daily Mail, "that people will begin to think that I've ruthlessly set about stepping into other people's shoes."

"That was never my plan. I never thought: 'Hmm, when Terry retires, I'll take Eurovision. Then, when Jonathan goes, I'll have his TV and radio show.’"

The 47-year-old Norton is now the voice of BBC Radio 2's Saturday morning show, a slot once belonging to his longtime friend and colleague, Jonathan Ross. In 2008, he took over for Terry Wogan as the BBC presenter for the Eurovision Song Contest, a position which Wogan held for 18 years. Now, it seems that Norton is in the right place at the right time yet again, for The Graham Norton Show will slide into Ross' old Friday night spot next week in the UK. Friday Night with Jonathan Ross came to a close in mid-summer upon Ross's January announcement that he would leave the BBC.

"But I'm not taking over where he left off," Norton maintains. "It's going to be my show, the one people got used to seeing on a Monday."

Norton does has a lovely wish list of guests, including Dolly Parton, Cher, Glenn Close, and Cheryl Cole, among others. However, Norton's biggest dream is to interview Madonna, which Norton adds, "We'd give her a special." We bet she'd LOVE that too.

The new season of The Graham Norton Show will premiere on BBC America on Saturday, October 30th.

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By MacKenzie Wilson