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 American job seekers, Hayley Taylor might just be your new best friend, for she is The Fairy Jobmother. The British career expert comes Stateside to help those who've weathered through tough challenges amidst America's shaky economy. It's on her new Lifetime reality show — which bears the same name of the widely popular UK version — that Taylor provides the tools necessary for unemployed folks looking to get their lives back on track.

Speaking with Reuters, the 43-year-old former hairdresser is referred to as a "tart-tongued Mary Poppins" who goes beyond addressing the job issues at hand. She also takes into account what's emotionally going on within a household. From there, she handles the task at hand with a tough love approach.

"Nobody likes to be told the truth," Taylor said. "But it's tempered with compassion … if a house is totally out of control, then it follows that the person feels out of control."

The U.S. unemployment rate has been in dire straits for nearly two years and currently stands at 9.6 percent. In the UK, 7.8 percent of people are without jobs. Taylor can identify, too. Her husband lost his job once, and the couple and their one-year-old daughter struggled to make ends meet. Taylor was a housewife at the time and found it hard to jump back into the workforce.

"I know the psychological difficulty of being unemployed and the lack of confidence," she added.

The Fairy Jobmother premieres on Lifetime tonight (October 28) at 11 pm EST.

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By MacKenzie Wilson