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 This season's X Factor has seen its fair share of drama with Cher Lloyd's diva-like antics and constant tears, not to mention the much-talked about dismissal and possible deportation of Zimbabwean-born Gamu Nhengu. And just this week, gossipmongers certainly got their fix with Katie Waissel and Matt Cardle's supposed sexcapades.

But one cannot ignore over-28s contestant Wagner Carillho. The guy can play a mean set of bongos and his two-toned flowing locks give Fabio a run for his money.

Well embrace yourself for the most hilarious gag spotlighting our favorite X Factor troubadour and English actor and writer Stephen Fry, courtesy of comedian Darren Dutton. The Daily Telegraph reports that Dutton's parody splices Fry's thoughtful commentary about German opera composer Wilhelm Richard Wagner as if he's raving over the Brazilian singer and his enthusiastic rendition of "She Bangs."

Fry explains: "My love affair with Wagner began when I was a child and first heard his music on my father's gramophone …It did something most extraordinary to me. It's made me do things inside — it's released forces within me."

Despite YouTube commenters’ mixed reviews, Fry took to his official Twitter earlier this week to applaud Dutton’s efforts.

"Can't decide what's funnier: the way [the video] is cut together or that some really believe I'm talking about the X Factor Wagner!"

What do you think about the Wagner/Stephen Fry spoof?

by MacKenzie Wilson

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By MacKenzie Wilson