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 Don't mess with Sir Paul McCartney. The famed ex-Beatle displayed some comical behavior when scoffing at a hasty cyclist near his office in Central London earlier today.

The Sun reports that the 68-year-old Macca mocked the charging biker with a crazy jig for nearly taking him out and a few others, squealing after him: "Ooh I'm so scary, I'm so scary."

Mark Thorburn witnessed the event and explained, "The cyclist was telling everyone to f*** off out of his way."

"Paul danced like an elf and put on a squeaky voice to take the mickey. It was the funniest and most surreal thing I've seen," he added.

Gotta give it up to Sir Paul. The man still rules.

In other McCartney news: Bands and artists, listen up! McCartney is offering you the chance to impress him with your rendition of his 1974 Wings hit, "Band on the Run." Fans can vote for their favorite track via YouTube between now and Friday, November 5th. The participant with the most votes — who will be announced the following Monday — will win a Deluxe Edition of the Band on the Run reissue, which drops November 2nd on Hear Music/Concord Music Group.

In other news:

Daniel Craig is pissed off at his James Bond studio bosses for lagging on the franchise's forthcoming action thriller, The Hunger Games. The British actor, who inherited the super spy role from Pierce Brosnan in 2006, says it's high time that his superiors at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) "sort themselves out" so he can get back to work on what is be the 23rd installment for the 007 film series. He previously starred in 2006's Casino Royale and 2008's Quantum of Solace, and filming for the 2012 follow up was indefinitely suspended earlier this year because of MGM's financial problems.

He says, "There will be more to say when things are happening. I'm really keen to get going, it's as simple as that. And I'm hoping that, in a while, we will."

"I felt as if we were just getting going and that we'd get the chance to make a couple more. I'd like (to) fulfil the circle with the story. But, yes, there is nothing really to say until whoever gets that house (at MGM) in order. There's no chance of getting it made until those things are taken care of." (Toronto Sun)

The Simpsons just loooove the Brits! Daniel Radcliffe will voice a Twilight-like vampire named Edmund in the animated show's Treehouse of Horror XXI special coming up, but now House star Hugh Laurie is also jumping on board. The English actor will lend his voice to a character named Roger, a creepy random guy who disrupts Homer and Marge during their second honeymoon. Set your DVRs for November 7th!

"I've loved the show since it started; this is one of the central pillars of modern culture," Laurie tells TV Guide. "I die in the end, and I don't think I've ever died on microphone. That's a first."

Well thank God it's not a nude scene, right Hugh?

– A much blonder Suranne Jones is currently starring in BBC1's Single Father drama with ex-Doctor Who star David Tennant and she just so happens to enjoy snogging the Scottish-bred actor.

"David's a great kisser," Jones says of her co-star. "He's a brilliant guy to work with."

"He's everything you would want from a fellow actor – he's on the ball all of the time, really good whenever we shoot a scene, he never complains – and he makes me laugh!" Don't stop there, Suranne! (The Sunday People)

Dannii Minogue thinks her fellow X Factor judge and boss Simon Cowell has a never-ending bad hair day and that his square-like cut looks like SpongeBob Squarepants.

"I wanna change that hairdo — sometimes it gets really flat like the SpongeBob SquarePants character and I can't cope with that," Minogue says.

Er … um, maybe the square shaped cut is a little similar? Oh Dannii, maybe you've been watching too much TV with your new tot, Ethan. (The Press Association)

– The good-looking Dominic Cooper plays Ben Sergeant, a wannabe rock and roll drummer on the brink of success, in the sexy comedy drama Tamara Drewe. But learning how to man the skins wasn't exactly second nature for the English actor. He'd much rather be a fan of music than be a rocker in real life. Looks like Cooper has a thing for '80s music, too. Be still my new wave-lovin' heart.

"[I liked] The Cure, Robert Smith," says Cooper. "My brother who did the music is four years older than me and he was into Duran Duran and Kraftwerk and a lot of the '80s electrobands. But, my brother who was 12 years older, was into soul and Motown and blues. They didn't agree with each other musically at all but I appreciated both. My mum was into a lot of classical and played classical piano music. So music has had a massive impact on my life." (She Knows)

by MacKenzie Wilson

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By MacKenzie Wilson