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 Lycra-loving Andrew Garfield will have some stiff competition once he morphs into Spider-Man in 2012, as Rhys Ifans is set to appear as one of the film's resident villians.

The Hollywood Reporter says it's currently uncertain what character Ifans will take on, but the Welsh actor will surely be notoriously entertaining, right?

Perhaps it's only natural that "Spike" (Ifans' best known role in the 1999 comedy Notting Hill) grow into a bit of a rabble-rouser. He's a perfect fit for BBC's Accent of Evil list, too, for the 42-year-old towering blond portrayed the nasty Phil Green in Nanny McPhee Returns. Fans across the UK seem to love him in the Mr. Nice biopic about famed drug smuggler Howard Marks.

Production on the Mark Webb-directed Spider-Man is set to begin in December. Next month, Ifans will appear as Xenophillius Lovegood in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

by MacKenzie Wilson

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By MacKenzie Wilson