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 I've always thought of Sir Paul McCartney as a real gentleman. He seems like a genuinely nice guy, doesn't he? He's almost always charming in the press and that cheeky smile four decades on is still a keeper. All is forgiven, too, for marrying Heather Mills.

Well it seems that Mr. Nice Guy McCartney has extended his kindness to George Michael in a letter. The English singer/songwriter is currently serving an eight-week sentence for crashing his Range Rover into a Snappy Snaps photo shop in north London in July. It's just one of several incidents initiated by the ex-Wham! star's enjoyment for smoking too many spliffs.

A source informed The Sun that Michael received the "letter on Monday and was really chuffed. Sir Paul said he would see him soon and told George to keep his chin up. The letter was two pages long and George read it over and over again."

Awww, how touching. Perhaps sweetheart Paul can sympathize with the guy? The former Beatle did have his own brush with the law in Japan in 1980 when he was busted for possession of cannabis. He was jailed for ten days and later deported.

Hang in there, George. Like Paul said, chin up dude. We'll play "Freedom" in your honor, how’s that?

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By MacKenzie Wilson