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 In case you missed this weekend's episode of Saturday Night Live, hosted by Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston, BBC America's Law & Order: UK got some love during Seth Meyers’ "Weekend Update" segment.

Whether you caught it live or have yet to catch it via your DVR, it appears that some online streaming rules prevented the clip from being included in the "full" episode stream on SNL's official site. Lucky for us, a fan with MacGruber-like talents has shared it via YouTube. SNL says it's just like the American version of Law & Order, but with Benny Hill's classic "Yakety Sax" time-lapse chase music. Brilliant! Click the image below for more tomfoolery.

Season one of the British police drama premiered last night (October 3rd) at 10:30EST on BBC America. It also marks the fifth installment for the U.S.-based television franchise.

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By MacKenzie Wilson