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 John Lydon is readying the release of Mr. Rotten's Scrapbook, a life-spanning book featuring never-before-seen photos (baby pics, yes!) and a bunch of other Lydon extras.

The limited edition collection will include a handwritten note from Lydon as well as a 12-inch vinyl picture disc including live Public Image Ltd. recordings from 2009. If that's not enough, you'll get your hands on some interesting spoken word goodies such as "Mr. Rotten's Nursery Rhymes." All of this can be yours for a pretty penny of $600 (£379).

"This is my book. It is a scrapbook. It has pictures and writings and x-rays. It has people in it. People that have had an effect on my life, but not all the people, because there are too many to ever catalogue," he stated in an extract on "I would like to thank everyone I ever met and anyone I don't remember. In fact, I would like to thank anyone."

Head over to his official site to pre-order your book now, for only 750 copies are in existence. Plus, 100 of these very special versions will contain a special golden ticket. This ticket is especially rare because it will get you a one-on-one chat with the legendary Sex Pistols frontman himself. C'mon, you know you’ve always dreamed of having a 10-minute webcam chat with the surly Mr. Lydon!

If you had the chance, what question would you ask John Lydon?

Here, Lydon offers highlights to "Mr. Rotten's Scrapbook." Some audio is NSFW:

Since we're in a John Lydon mood today, let's break it down with "Home":

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By MacKenzie Wilson