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Anglophenia music contributor Lindsay Davis conducted this exclusive 3-part interview with Manic Street Preachers drummer Sean Moore. Click here to view Part 1. For Part 2, click here.

Manic Street Preachers‘ tenth and most recent release Postcards from a Young Man is currently at No. 3 on the UK album chart (just behind The Script‘s Science & Faith and Mr. One More Night himself, Phil Collins, and his new No. 1 album Going Back. Nice.). In this, the final installment of Anglophenia’s exclusive, 3-part interview with Preachers drummer Sean Moore, we find the Manics right where they’re supposed to be – following in the footsteps of legendary rock and pop bands as well as inspiring a new crop of groundbreaking British talent. Check it out:

Which inspirations did you bring up in your brainstorming sessions for the new album?

I went in with the ideas of Roger Taylor of Queen, Nicky Topper of The Clash, and Clem Burke of Blondie for that pop sensibility. These are people I’ve admired for years and years, with just a little sprinkling of me on top of it all.

What new British bands are you listening to these days?

I’ve been listening to a Scottish band called Biffy Clyro. They sort of remind me a lot of us.

They did a sweet acoustic version of “The Captain” on BBC Radio 1 back in April.

Yeah. Also a band called Foals. Biffy Clyro sort of remind me of [Manic albums] Generation Terrorists and Gold Against the Soul. Foals sort of remind me of The Holy Bible and Journal for Plagued Lovers. Another band I really like is Klaxons they are just completely mad and have some crazy ideas.

Do they also bring to mind the Manics’ earlier days?

Reminds me how we were sort of out of steps with everybody else and just felt really unique.

Any plans for an American tour?

Yeah, definitely. We’re looking at March/April next year. We’re not gonna wait 10 more years to come see you guys and drive coast to coast! We loved it and got a lot of inspiration from our last trip to the States.

by Lindsay Davis

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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.