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 Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe is a very rich man. So rich in fact, he's rolling in more dough than England's own Prince William and Prince Harry.

The Economic Times reports that the 21-year-old British actor earns an estimated $45 million a year to best The Queen's grandsons, who are worth $44 million each. Everyone's favorite bespectacled wizard has reportedly doubled his financial standings in 12 months.

Financial firm Gilmore Jacobs recently released information pertaining to Radcliffe's current and fixed investments, which total $30 million. He also has $5 million saved in the bank. Additionally, Radcliffe, who is set to star as a Twilight-like vampire named Edmund in The Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror XXI special this month, owns three properties in New York as well as a flat in London.

Way to go, DanRad! Perhaps you can use some of that Muggle money for a new castle, a new car, or possibly a pet dragon?

Part one of the seventh Harry Potter film, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, opens nationwide on November 19th.

by MacKenzie Wilson

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By MacKenzie Wilson