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 As fans prepare to celebrate what would have been John Lennon's 70th birthday on Saturday, it seems that another possible enthusiast has run into some trouble with the law. And Lennon's fingerprints are all over it, so to speak.

The BBC reports that a set of the late Beatle's fingerprints has been apprehended by the FBI. Memorabilia dealer Peter Siegel was in possession of the card and was set to auction it this weekend at a start of $100,000.

An FBI official has suggested that the fingerprint record is government property and an investigation is underway to determine how such an item found its way to a memorabilia shop in New York City. Lennon had the prints done in 1976 when he was filing an application for U.S. residency. His full name, John Winston Ono Lennon, appears on the card, along with his Dakota apartment address on West 72nd Street near Central Park.

Siegel, who is part owner of the Gotta Have It shop located in New York's upper East side, said he obtained the document two decades ago from a music and trade show promoter. To commemorate Lennon's birthday, the collectibles store is showcasing a slew of rare Beatles items in "The Rock & Roll Pop Culture Auction" between now and October 15th. The FBI had reached out to Gotta Have It upon receiving word about the auction.

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By MacKenzie Wilson