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 Brighton, England’s British Sea Power has issued a behind-the-scenes look at their fifth studio effort, Valhalla Dancehall, their follow up to 2009’s Man of Aran soundtrack.

Set for a January 11th release via Rough Trade Records, the band narrates the clip, explaining Valhalla Dancehall could be a place “where you’d imagine Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry and Thor having a great time together.”

“There’s not a lot of dancehall music on there, but it’s Valhalla Dancehall… It’s where all the North-men went. When they die in war they go to the heaven in Valhalla and have a good time.”

The bookish Brits once again delve deep inside the realms of literature, history, and other clever bits (they sang about kevlar on Do You Like Rock Music? for chrissakes), and hints of what’s in store on their new album can be found on their smashing EP, Zeus.

In related British Sea Power news, the band recently took over Drowned In Sound to contribute a host of articles and features, some of which are downright hilarious. Get your fix for The Top 5 Castles in the UK, Ever courtesy of keyboardist/cornet player Phil Sumner and brush up on those knitting skills with violinist Abi Fry. Frontman and guitarist Yan also offers his own “Guide to Lightweight Fun on the Road,” which includes plenty of health remedies.

Noble recounts one of his most embarrassing moments when he consumed eight cans of the Rockstar energy drink prior to their SXSW performance debut a few years back in “Why Did We Do That? – 10 Things British Sea Power Really Wish They Hadn’t Done”. The guitarist’s nerves were so out of whack that he ended up tossing his guitar into the audience like a spear and threw a bar stool into the crowd. The band was eventually thrown out of the bar. “That is the first and last time any acts of violence have happened. Thankfully no one was injured,” he added.

by MacKenzie Wilson

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By MacKenzie Wilson