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 Benedict Cumberbatch is set to join Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle for his forthcoming London stage interpretation of Frankenstein. The Sherlock star will perform alongside British actor Jonny Lee Miller (Dexter, Emma, Trainspotting) in alternating roles as the mad scientist and his gargantuan monster.

"I thought it would be really interesting if they could play each other's roles every other night,” Boyle told The BBC about the National Theatre production. "It is very much a two-hander, that's the engine of the piece, and it's nice because it puts the accent on performance and not on make-up."

Boyle, who just closed out the 54th annual London Film Festival with his adventure drama, 127 Hours, says the play highlights "an extraordinary story," which is based on writer Nick Dear's adaptation of Mary Shelley's famed Gothic novel published in 1818.

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By MacKenzie Wilson