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 It's time to venture back to Pepperland, my dear Beatle fans. The British foursome's psychedelic animated musical, Yellow Submarine, is getting a reboot for 2012, courtesy of Disney.

Director Robert Zemeckis recently told Moviefone that a remake of the 1968 classic is "all ahead full." Word on the street is that it will also be in 3-D. Seems quite appropriate, yeah?

As for who will portray The Fab Four, a totally British cast has already been determined: Peter Serafinowicz will star as Paul McCartney, Cary Elwes will be George Harrison, Dean Lennox Kelly will depict John Lennon, and Adam Campbell will be Ringo Starr.

Do you want to see a remake of the Yellow Submarine?

Here's a look back at the sea of monsters scene from "Yellow Submarine":

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By MacKenzie Wilson