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You may be asking, what does an American comedian like Colin Quinn have to say about Britishness? A lot, apparently. Quinn’s one-man show, the Jerry Seinfeld-directed Long Story Short, premiered in New York this summer, and in it, the former Saturday Night Live Weekend Update anchor mused on many historical topics, including the rise and fall of the British Empire. In an interview shot last week, Anglophenia contributor Lindsay Davis sat down with Quinn to get his take on why Britain rose to such spectacular heights only to come crashing down, comparing the erstwhile world power to a “company that overfranchised”:

And as BBC AMERICA will be showing movies featuring British baddies every weekend this month for its “The Accent of Evil” series, Lindsay got Colin’s brief thoughts on why so many villains in American films are British. And his answer may be surprising. Watch:

Do you agree with Colin Quinn’s thoughts about the rise and fall of the British Empire and why “The Accent of Evil” exists? Let us know below.

by Kevin Wicks and Lindsay Davis

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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.