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McFly have been a huge commercial success in their home country of Britain, but record sales have not translated into industry respect. Yes, they sound a bit emo, and yes, they love to show off just how much time they spend in the gym. (Hey, trading on looks never hurt Girls Aloud with the critics, and they didn’t even write their own songs.) But they are also skilled musicians and composers. Check out some of their tunes, which are among the most melodic and ambitious pop songs to emerge from the UK in the past five years or so:

Maybe they’d have better luck gaining some cred here in the U.S. However, their first attempt to break America – providing soundtrack to the 2006 Lindsay Lohan rom-com Just My Luck – was, like most things involving LiLo, unfortunate. But they are determined to conquer the colonies, and they’ve hired American producer Dallas Austin to help craft their upcoming new album, Above the Noise. Guitarist Tom Fletcher tells The Sun: “I think people now realize that we have an amazing fanbase around the world that has built up over the last seven years, through the internet and things. So, in our minds, we knew this album was one that we would definitely release all over the world – and go and tour it there.”

UPDATED: Here’s the video for “Party Girl,” the first single off McFly’s new album:

So what do you think – will Americans embrace McFly?

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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.