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Look out, Albert Square shawties: 50 Cent is set to make a cameo on the popular BBC soap EastEnders “within the next six months” according to The Daily Mirror.

The rap mogul and actor became “a huge fan” of the show through his footballer friend Rio Ferdinand. He tells The Mirror that he dreamed of having the show’s ball-busting landlady Peggy Mitchell toss him out of her bar with her signature line, “Get outta my pub!”, but the character left the show just last week. “I didn’t get it organized quick enough and it’s too late now,” he laments.

Here’s a montage of Peggy Mitchell (Barbara Windsor) dismissing the residents of Albert Square as only she could do:

50 Cent’s proposed cameo on EastEnders comes just months after rapper Snoop Dogg revealed he was pursuing a role on EastEnders‘s rival, Coronation Street. It’s like the new East Coast/West Coast. What’s next, Eminem on Emmerdale?

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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.