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 Before I had my morning coffee today, I came across a bizarre headline in The Daily Telegraph regarding British film star, Sir Michael Caine. It seems that the two-time Academy Award winner sort of predicted the September 11th terrorist attacks?

S-S-Say what?

On BBCs Radio 4's Front Row Wednesday evening, the 77-year-old actor revealed, "I had this plot where terrorists fly a plane into a London skyscraper. Then they did it in real life. I was stunned by that, so I stopped writing."

Hellllllooooo! Talk about spooky, not to mention incredibly strange! Wouldn't you agree? Downright crazy, I say, and probably even more so for Caine, right?

Caine's second memoir, The Elephant to Hollywood is released today via Hodder & Stoughton. The 416-page autobiography describes the former Maurice Micklewhite's path to stardom after his formative days in the Elephant and Castle area of south London. I guess he still has dreams of completing a novel — "a thriller about terrorism” — before his 80th birthday, for it's a topic that Caine admitted to reading about regularly.

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By MacKenzie Wilson