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  • Who knew Emma Thompson would become such a media lightning rod? Just recently her comments about working moms created a firestorm. And last week, in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the Oscar winner spectacularly dissed the legendary Audrey Hepburn, saying that she watched the 1964 My Fair Lady and found Hepburn “fantastically twee.” She went on: “She can’t sing and she can’t really act, I’m afraid. I’m sure she was a delightful woman – and perhaps if I had known her I would have enjoyed her acting more, but I don’t and I didn’t, so that’s all there is to it, really.” Screenwriter Frederic Raphael, who worked with Audrey, responds to Thompson in The Daily Telegraph: “Audrey was never an actress in Miss Thompson’s acid-drop class. She was a lot more than that. You came, you saw her and you were conquered. ‘Tread softly,’ W.B. Yeats wrote, ‘because you tread on my dreams.’ Audrey remains one of mine.”

  • The Daily Mail revels in the box-office failure of Dame Helen Mirren‘s latest film – showing some restraint by waiting to the end of the article to bring up her infamous Letterman appearance.
  • Leonardo DiCaprio reveals that Kate Winslet was uncomfortable about director husband Sam Mendes coaching their sex scenes in Revolutionary Road. In an interview with Reveal magazine, DiCaprio said, “When Sam started telling her exactly how to have sex with me she didn’t like it at all. She was freaking out because she was supposed to be having sex with her best friend – me – while her husband directed. But I didn’t find it weird at all. It didn’t bother me, because that’s part of acting.”(SMH)
  • Fox All Access asks, “Have you noticed in the last ten years that British actors have been invading American television?” Oh really now? I thought Hugh Laurie and his ilk were all just really affected dudes from Connecticut or something. Anyway, Fox talks to the man who could very well end this trend a.k.a. Larry King replacement Piers Morgan.
  • Sherlock: “There will be more.”(BBC)
  • 5 reasons to watch Sherlock from Anglotopia.

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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.