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Whoever made this image (see right) is absolutely brilliant. I tweeted it this morning and asked all of the Doctor Who fans what they would think if they received a “While You Were Out” message from the Timelord’s greatest foes on their front door. My ever-clever Anglophenia Twitter followers hit me up with their responses, which I’m posting here. Y’all crack me up:

KKennedy83: “I’d pack a Donna Noble amount of luggage & wait for the blue box to appear again.”

crdt723: “Hahaha! I’d be disappointed that The Doctor was at my house and I’d missed him!”

SNBCSinger: “ROTFL then ask where can I buy a pack of those.”

fernandorojas: “The Doctor saved my house from Daleks AND I MISSED IT??”

terri_osborne : “Bloody brilliant. That’s what I’d think. :)”

lindabooklover: “Hah! Very funny! I’d be thankful I was out!!!”

vicannson: “i think i would be tickled to death if that were on my doorstep.”

RogueTess:  “I’d whip out my sonic screwdriver!”

dangertim: “It’s why we moved!”

What would YOU do if think if this turned up on your front door?

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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.