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Klaxons were one of the most hyped bands to emerge from the UK in the past ten years. (That’s saying a lot for a decade that produced The Darkness.) They produced some energetic, rave-y, falsetto-filled singles (“Golden Skans,” the cover of Grace‘s “It’s Not Over Yet”), pulled off some ballsy live shows, and threatened world domination.

However, the band went a little dodgy at the 2008 BRIT Awards. It should have been a great evening for Klaxons: they were performing a mash-up of “Golden Skans” and “Umbrella” with that year’s golden girl, Rihanna. Unfortunately, lead singer Jamie Reynolds was so wasted – nay, dude was ‘effin obliterated – that he was rendered completely incapacitated on the red carpet and throughout the entire night. (Yes, rockers booze it up, but keep it together, man.) Looking back at my wrap-up post from that year’s BRITs, I noted, “Jamie Reynolds spent the entire evening behaving as if he’d been recently stricken with cerebral palsy.” It was a sad sad turn of events.

Ahead of their sophomore album, which has been 3 years in the making, it appears the band has learned the error of their ways. asked Reynolds if the band has changed the way they approach live performances. Reynolds responded, “We’re kind of stronger and we’re sober – I think the sobriety thing’s got a massive thing to do with it. We’ve actually figured out that we can play these songs, and we’ve going on stage sober and playing them to their best, playing into the songs, where as before we were just a train wreck. Now we’re playing as a strong unit.”

Maybe it’s not quite over yet for the boys. Here’s their new single “Echoes” from their new album Surfing the Void, which is set to be released here August 24th:

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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.