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This year’s buzz-free season of Britain’s Got Talent has now reached the semi-finals, and the acrobatic group Spelbound are the odds-on favorites to take the trophy in this weekend’s finale. On last night’s live semifinals, the gymnastically gifted jumpers performed a number set to Led Zeppelin‘s “Kashmir,” and they pulled off some pretty impressive stunts. (One female dancer was tossed into a 20-foot-high flip and landed into a perfect split across the shoulders of two of her colleagues. Just imagine the chiropractor bill after that one.) Watch the video below.

If I were a voting member of the UK viewing audience, however, my vote would go to pop-and-locker Tobias Mead. His body-contorting moves make me cringe with disgust – really, arms are not supposed to bend that way – but he gains mad points with me for bringing pole-dancing onto the BGT main stage. HOT!

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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.