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  • I always love it when Doctor Who gets a shout-out on other U.S. networks – remember that little cheeky bit on NCIS? – so I was delighted to see this YouTube clip of The Late Late Show‘s Craig Ferguson discussing the hit drama with guest Chris Hardwick (from G4’s Web Soup) on last Thursday’s show. Ferguson declares his love for Matt Smith, and Hardwick says that, while Matt’s a “great Doctor,” he’s a David Tennant fan.

    Ferguson shoots back, “You’re just saying that so the girls will like ya!”

    Hardwick responds, “What girl has ever shed her clothing when that was uttered? None that I’ve ever met.”

    Check out Craig’s response. It’s a funny little exchange that starts around 2:20:

  • Lacey Turner, a major UK soap star from EastEnders, has joined the cast of BBC AMERICA’s Being Human as the “sexy supernatural character Lia” in Season 3, which is currently filming and is set to air in the UK next January. Turner, who is leaving her popular role as Stacey Slater on EastEnders later this year, tells the BBC: “It was fantastic working on Being Human, I had some great scenes with Aidan Turner, especially when his character Mitchell is facing up to some of the things he has done in the past. The cast and crew were really welcoming and I can’t wait to watch how the story comes together on screen when the series airs.”
  • Holy painted-on eyebrows: check out Torchwood‘s Naoko Mori as Yoko Ono alongside Doctor Who’s Christopher Eccleston as John Lennon in the BBC drama, Lennon Naked. Mori says she had to be plastered to film the movie’s obligatory re-enactment of John and Yoko’s full frontal photoshoot for their Two Virgins album cover. “I can’t really remember much of that day. Maybe it was the half bottle of tequila. I’ve always sworn I’d never do nudity on screen.”(The Sun)
  • Apparently, the pregnant Dannii Minogue is irreplaceable on X Factor: stand-ins Geri Halliwell and Natalie Imbruglia were “flops” as replacement judges for the new season auditions. According to The Daily Mirror, lead judge Simon Cowell has decided to move forward with the remaining auditions without a guest judge. If only American Idol had handled the Paula Abdul situation as wisely…
  • Kylie Minogue (Dannii’s big sis) may be Aussie-born, but she is an honorary Brit who makes her home in London. She tells The Times (reg. required): “I’ve adjusted to British ways. After living in England for 20 years, I could represent Great Britain in the Olympics for moaning about the weather.” She adds, “London is one of the great, great cities of the world. I’ve become quite blasé about it, but if I think back to being a kid in the suburbs of Melbourne, I didn’t think that I’d ever be here. It still thrills me.”
  • Hunky has-been Orlando Bloom and longtime girlfriend Miranda Kerr are engaged.(E!)
  • Leona Lewis has broken up with her hot boyfriend. The Daily Mail reports, “The singer’s hectic work schedule, plus the pressure of preparing for her current UK tour, are said to be the key factors behind her split from childhood sweetheart Lou Al-Chamaa.”
  • From the looks of it, Gavin Henson is faring a bit better than Charlotte Church in their split.(Daily Mail)
  • Tennis star Andy Murray takes a stroll with his (ex-?)girlfriend.(Daily Mail)
  • The great Roger Federer was almost jettisoned on the opening day of Wimbledon: he was two sets down against Colombian upstart Alejandro Falla, but he came back and won the final three sets. Rafa Nadal‘s chances against the six-time Wimbledon champ are starting to look pretty good.(Telegraph)
  • A new Radiohead album is coming out this year – will it be the band’s best yet?(NME)
  • Oasis have split up, but they are still somehow getting No. 1 hits.(The Sun)
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.