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We’ve seen a lot of web chatter about President Obama‘s latest Supreme Court nominee, Elena Kagan. People have questioned her credentials and even her sexual orientation.

But one question has popped up with surprising frequency in the blogosphere: were Ms. Kagan and David Mitchell, star of Peep Show and That Mitchell and Webb Look, separated at birth?

Yesterday, I saw a couple of posters on the BBC AMERICA Facebook page make this observation, and it has apparently spread like wildfire amongst the Interwebs. has posted photos of Kagan and Mitchell side-by-side to demonstrate the resemblance, and, gotta say, it’s pretty striking – even down to the teeth.

Meanwhile, fans have bombarded David Mitchell’s Twitter account with messages alerting him of his U.S. lookalike, and the comedian responded with this tweet: “Been away from Twitter for 2 days and return to 100s of messages saying I look like US Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan. Poor poor woman.”

Meanwhile, Dame Helen Mirren has met her own doppelgänger – in wax, y’all. Try to guess which one is the real Dame Helen.

Also: did Dame Julie Andrews have a “Whitney Houston moment” during her return to the London stage? The Daily Telegraph‘s Neil McCormick defends the Mary Poppins and Sound of Music legend: “To be fair to the Dame, she has been candid about her vocal limitations…she has been clear about her vocal issues and (unlike relative stripling Whitney Houston, 46, recently castigated for failing to hit her high notes) has built a show around her limitations.”

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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.