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  • Oh dear. What has Fergalicious gotten herself into this time? By now, I’m sure you’ve all heard about Sarah Ferguson‘s caught-on-tape attempt to gain £500,000 in cash from a “businessman” (actually a journalist from the UK tabloid News of the World) in exchange for access to her ex-hubby, Prince Andrew. If you’ve managed to avoid news this weekend, you can watch an excerpt of the whole seedy thing below:

    The Interwebs are alive with commentary on this public relations disaster:

    The Guardian‘s Kira Cochrane says, “Beyond the grubbiness and greed, there’s something genuinely sad about Fergie’s downfall and desperation. Because, whisper it, some of us have always quite liked her, and her most attractive quality – her artlessness – has clearly helped lead her into this debacle. It’s that quality that’s behind some of her worst headlines, her worst failures, that has seen her become a pariah in the press. And the monstering is about to grow hairier claws.”

    The TimesLibby Purves finds Ms. Ferguson equally pitiable, calling the former Royal “an exuberant, impetuous, dim, kind-hearted girl who in her 51st year should be safely stashed under some woodwormy beams in the shires, with an amiable lunkhead husband and a houseful of labradors, saddles and hilarious novelty ornaments, blamelessly raising money for the local hospice and cooking hearty lasagnes.”

    The Daily Mail‘s Christopher Wilson is vicious in his critique of the Duchess: “Selfish and stupid from start to finish, Sarah York will probably never comprehend the damage she has done to the Queen, to her ex-husband, to her children. In return for a handful of chump-change, she has blown all prospect of future happiness and any chance she might have had to rehabilitate herself in the public eye.”

    The Guardian‘s James Whitaker is not surprised at the depths to which the Duchess has sunk: “The woman is skint. And, like any desperate person, she will do almost anything to get her hands on some cash. Fergie has made it abundantly clear that if this means ‘using’ Andrew she will not think twice.”

    CNN’s Howard Kurtz says that News of the World’s deception “would be a firing offense at nearly all American newspapers.”

  • The Daily Telegraph‘s Damian Thompson says we haven’t heard the last of this emerging scandal.

    In other news:

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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.