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  • AfterElton has nabbed some casting sides of the MTV version of Skins and says the show will maintain the edginess (and gay-friendliness) of the original. “Based on those sides, AfterElton can report that Skins USA does feature a gay character similar to Maxxie from the original. While much about the character does remain the same, some things have changed including his name. No longer Maxxie, here the character is named Teo and he is described as ‘a beautiful, gay, Hispanic’ boy. Like Maxxie, Teo is also very out and proud as well as being an amazing dancer.” Also, Celebriscoop has what it says is a photo of the U.S. cast.

  • The Daily Mail points out Bryan Ferry‘s 28-year-old girlfriend in the crowd at one of his gigs. Forget her. Bryan Ferry looks amazing for a 64-year-old man.
  • The Daily Mail also points out paparazzi shots of George Michael kissing a hunky younger man on an Aussie cruise. Um, if husband Kenny Goss doesn’t care about old George trolling public toilets and seedy parks, a smooch in a pool would hardly sound his alarm bells.
  • Adam Ant is looking better than he has in recent years. (Daily Mail)
  • The ex-girlfriend of former Hex star Michael Fassbender has filed a restraining order against him. Not the kind of thing you want to come out at the start of a promising film career. (The Sun)
  • Dare I say, Robert Pattinson‘s waxwork is hotter than the real thing?(BBC)
  • Ashley Cole cheating on wife Cheryl has not only jeopardized his own marriage, but, as The Daily Mail’s Bel Mooney says, he’s effed up yours, too.(Daily Mail)
  • Does Richard Branson‘s flight attendant show Fly Girls promote “demeaning, outdated stereotypes centered on stewardess fantasies”?(Daily Mail)
  • I hope you haven’t just eaten, but Q Magazine has released their list of the greatest frontmen of all-time (selected by readers), and it’s bad. The Daily Telegraph‘s Neil McCormick tries to rectify the situation.
  • Damon Albarn has nicked a member of Liam Gallagher‘s new band to play with Gorillaz.(NME)
  • Corinne Bailey Rae does a live performance in The Guardian‘s studio.
  • The Guardian‘s Alexis Petridis says Suede were as vital as ever in their reunion show at Royal Albert Hall. “There’s hint of real hunger about their intensity: they play like a band determined to prove a point. You could argue they sound better than they did at their commercial peak….Weirdly, given that they’re relying on songs nearly 20 years old, the power emanating from the stage isn’t purely nostalgic. Whatever their past, they sound like a band who might conceivably have a future.”
  • Despite the death of its founder, the Alexander McQueen brand keeps on truckin.’ The late designer’s company launched a collection of men’s undies.(Telegraph)
  • The nominees for the lost Booker Prize have been announced.(BBC)
  • The Daily Mail reigns as the most-visited UK newspaper website.(Guardian)
  • The BBC is doing a drama about the creation of one of their competitor’s soaps, Coronation Street.(The Stage)
  • Was Anthony Stewart Head a terrible host of the Oliviers? The Stage‘s David Grewcock (*snort*) says the former Buffy star “put in a less than superfluous performance as Sunday night’s host. He didn’t look at all comfortable behind his podium from the get go and that’s before the traumas of autocue were brought in. It was also unfortunately long after his script writer had been hired, who single-handedly managed to redefine what a gag could be: comically unfunny.”
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.