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  • Oh, you thought you’d gotten rid of her after the Guy Ritchie divorce? Think again, London: Madonna is Britain-bound. The Sun says the pop icon “has rediscovered her passion for all things British while preparing to direct her new film W.E., all about the 1930s tale of Edward VIII abdicating the throne to marry his forbidden lover, American divorcée Wallis Simpson. And that means Madge is on her way to take her throne in Marylebone for a six-month spell this summer.”

  • Kelly Osbourne has booked a gig as a “special correspondent” for…Dr. Phil? Phil McGraw tells ET Online: “Kelly is an excellent addition to our show because she’s experienced a lot of what many of our younger viewers may be going through. She has dealt with drug addiction as well as addictions within her family. She’s also fought the battle with obesity, and the public scrutiny that often accompanies it. She is well-armed and up to the task of being our special contributor.”
  • Cheryl Cole says she’d love to judge the U.S. version of X Factor, but she provides some pretty good reasons why she shouldn’t: “It’s like, why would [Americans] give a beep what I thought? I mean they don’t know me out there and I’ve got this weird accent.” However, Americans didn’t know Simon Cowell either, and we listened to him. And, in Cheryl’s favor, she’s very nice to look at, which is more than we can say for Cowell. (Mirror)
  • Those hours in the gym are paying off for Russell Brand. (Mirror)
  • You might want to lean well away from the screen when you click this link: Jonathan Ross‘ wife, Jane Goldman, caused quite a stir with her “out-there” wardrobe choice at the premiere of Kick-Ass, a film she wrote. Can we get the designer of that dress to shore up the Ninth Ward levee down in New Orleans? Clearly, there’s some state-of-the-art engineering involved with that garment.
  • Meanwhile, Kate Moss is a bra-less wonder under the flashbulbs.(The Sun)
  • Last night, racer Lewis Hamilton was in the Dancing with the Stars audience cheering on girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger, who is a competitor this season.(Daily Mail)
  • Antiques Roadshow host Ben Wright‘s grubby hands drew unwanted attention away from his showroom finds on a recent episode of his show.(Daily Mail)
  • Florence Welch, the immensely talented woman behind Florence + the Machine, says she almost lost her battle with the Fame Monster: “I’d gone from being this art student messing about with music to this girl with a record deal, magazine front covers, and all this hype. In many ways, it was everything I ever wanted, but when it happened all I felt was total, paralyzing fear. I couldn’t cope with the idea of making the album. I just wanted to sabotage the whole thing, not do it and just disappear.” (Daily Mail)
  • Check out Florence in a special “3D Issue” of Grazia magazine, which will feature the 23-year-old musician “singing and dancing on the front cover.” The Guardian shows us how it all works.

    The Daily Telegraph‘s Charles Spencer says the Olivier judges got it wrong by giving the Best New Play award to The Mountaintop over Jerusalem and Enron. “To suggest that [The Mountaintop] is better than Jez Butterworth‘s Jerusalem, one of the greatest new dramas I have seen in more than 30 years of reviewing, or Lucy Prebble‘s Enron, a riveting account of the collapse of the energy corporation that now seems a harbinger of our financial woes, is simply absurd.”

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By Kevin Wicks
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