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  • Oscar winners Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes ended their seven-year marriage in secret, their lawyer has revealed today. This is a bit of a shocker, as they always seemed to be one of Hollywood’s most solid couples. But, of course, one never knows what happens behind closed doors in a relationship.

    Some of your meaner people out there would suggest that this was the moment when the walls came tumbling down on Camelot:

  • Friends star David Schwimmer will marry 24-year-old British photographer Zoe Buckman.(BBC)
  • Sir Elton John says an ex-lover killed himself because his gayness conflicted with his Christian beliefs: “Years back I had a relationship, and I had absolutely no idea in the world he was going to do this… he threw himself under a truck. There was so much grief.”(Telegraph)
  • Graham Norton and Andrew Lloyd Webber – who worked together on Any Dream Will Do and How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria? – have re-teamed for the BBC talent search, Over the Rainbow. The Daily Telegraph talks to them about their unlikely partnership.
  • “Electric Avenue” singer Eddy Grant is “consulting lawyers,” saying that the Gorillaz song “Stylo” copies his song “Time Warp.” NME compares the two tunes.

    The Guardian talks to Karen Gillan, the new companion on Doctor Who. She says she’s absolutely smitten with her character and with Matt Smith‘s Doctor: “It’s been an education in itself to work with Matt, who’s so endlessly inventive, bringing something new to it every day rather than falling into the easy default scared-face. That’s one of the challenges; you’re faced with life-threatening situations every episode, but you can’t just widen your eyes all the time. Yes, this Doctor is preeeetty good. As, I’ve said, is Amy, and she gets to wear all these small skirts, which I will admit was very cold, but also very cool. They originally wanted to put me in trousers, but I did say I’d like to wear a skirt because – you’ll understand when you watch it. Actually I think I love Amy. I’m in love with her. I want to be her.”

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By Kevin Wicks
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