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  • Carey Mulligan is taking that whole “new Audrey Hepburn” label quite literally: she’ll star in the remake of My Fair Lady, according to her An Education co-star Emma Thompson. I’m sure the talented Ms. Mulligan will do a better job than the initially-rumored star Keira Knightley, but again, needless remake. And, through no fault of her own, Carey can’t help but draw unfavorable comparisons to possibly the most beloved fashion icon in Hollywood history, Miss Hepburn. It’s just a lose-lose situation for her.

  • Ms. Knightley won’t be shedding any tears over the Eliza Doolittle role: she’s set to star in Noah Baumbach‘s next film, an adaptation of Claire Messud‘s novel The Emperor’s Children. Richard Gere and Eric Bana have signed on, too.
  • Nude photos of Peaches Geldof have hit the Interwebs. I know what you’re thinking: Zzzzzzzz. Another starlet with her bits out. World’s deepest yawn. Well, the Chris Martin-lookalike who leaked them claims they were taken during a “heroin-fuelled” encounter with the 21-year-old daughter of Sir Bob Geldof. Peaches denies this.(Daily Mail)
  • Geri Halliwell, a.k.a. Ginger Spice, says Robbie Williams saved her life when she battled bulimia post-Spice Girls. “Robbie knew about my bulimia and he advised me to get help. He told me to go into rehab and that possibly saved my life. The bulimia would have got worse without it. I will always be grateful to him, always.” (Mirror)
  • Susan Boyle is finally moving into swankier digs.(Daily Mail)
  • And so Noel Gallagher‘s solo career begins…(BBC)
  • It’s like NBC cancelling Law & Order: UK broadcaster ITV is killing off its police drama The Bill after a quarter-century.(The Times)
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.