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  • Emma Watson was the highest-earning female actress in Hollywood last year, earning an estimated $30 million. That means she made more money from acting last year than the following household names:

    And, most shockingly, she made more money than this Oscar nominee, who opened two blockbuster films in ’09:

    Cripers! Not that Watson’s huge Harry Potter payday means that much. Watson had the good fortune to play the lead female part in the biggest film franchise in history. This doesn’t mean she can open some random romantic comedy on her own, like Julia Roberts or Reese Witherspoon did at their peak. After all, the average person knows her only as Hermione, not as Emma Watson, Hollywood star. Once the final Harry Potter film hits theaters next year, Watson will go to the back of the queue behind the Carey Mulligans, Hayley Atwells, Romola Garais, and Rebecca Halls of the world. And she’ll have to fight for every role. I hope she’s invested well.

  • Hustle actor Marc Warren and Gavin & Stacey‘s Mathew Horne will co-star in Worried About the Boy, a BBC biopic about Boy George. Newcomer Douglas Booth will don the chapeau of the troubled pop star, according to BBC NEWS. Warren will play Visage frontman Steve Strange, and Horne will portray Jon Moss, the Culture Club drummer with whom George had an affair.
  • Doctor Who props are going up for auction later this month. BBC NEWS reports, “Fans can snap up their own Cyberman, Dalek, or Sea Devil at the auction, as well as costumes worn by the 10th Doctor himself, David Tennant. Other highlights of the sale include Kylie Minogue‘s waitress costume she wore in a 2007 Christmas special, which is expected to fetch up to £3,000. The auction will take place at Bonhams on February 24th.” My birthday is in a couple weeks, so if anyone wants to buy me David Tennant’s superfly tux from “Voyage of the Damned”, I will graciously accept.
  • You have less than a day to listen to former Doctor Who stars David Tennant and Catherine Tate filling in for Jonathan Ross on his BBC radio show.
  • Steven Moffat says it was clear from the start that Karen Gillan was the right actress to play Amy Pond, The Doctor’s companion on Doctor Who. “Karen was the very last person we saw and she just fit better. She was just exactly right. And exactly right with Matt [Smith], in that she’s a bit kookier, I suppose. A bit madder.”(Digital Spy)
  • Girls Aloud singer Nicola Roberts‘ exposé on tanning was actually quite good, says The Daily Telegraph.
  • Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, did a walk-on part behind the bar on Coronation Street.(The Times)
  • The Jedward twins have apparently upstaged the other performers on the X Factor finalists’ tour, just as they did during the competition. The Sun reports, “Twins John and Edward Grimes will get to perform three or four [songs], while most of the others sing two. Even those who lasted longer on the ITV1 hit than the quiffed duo will get less stage time. But the Irish lads say it is only right as they were the focus of so much attention during the series.”
  • According to readers of industry publication The Stage, Torchwood‘s John Barrowman is the most influential person in British theater.
  • The Daily Telegraph‘s Neil McCormick gives his verdict on the “Everybody Hurts” all-star remake: “I was anticipating the worst and Simon Cowell has not let me down. The record is truly awful. It’s an excruciating, saccharine, overblown farrago performed by some of today’s blandest pop stars to a sentimental, orchestral, rock power ballad accompaniment. It is completely lacking in the restraint and toughness that lent the original its intimate, understated power.”
  • The Guardian asks why Radiohead, Dizzee Rascal, Arctic Monkeys, and other cool artists didn’t contribute to Simon Cowell’s Haiti single. Probably for all of the reasons Neil McCormick lays out so cogently.
  • The British have their own version of the Tiger Woods scandal: John Terry has been fired as captain of England’s football team after news emerged that he’d had an affair with his teammate’s girlfriend. Terry has a wife and daughter.(Telegraph)
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