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  • Susan Boyle‘s music idol, West End legend Elaine Paige, has turned viciously against the Britain’s Got Talent star, calling her a “virus” who didn’t work for her success. At the South Bank Awards, Paige said:

    “I don’t particularly feel any pride for her – I’m sure she is proud of what she has done….It’s all about turning someone into an immediate celebrity at the expense of longevity and working hard and experience. Susan Boyle is doing terribly well considering she literally came to the attention of the world overnight with the advent of YouTube. She was like a virus really that spread across the world in a nanosecond. She is a girl with no experience of anything to do with theatrics, the music business, or art in any way. She has done terribly well to be a major star overnight with YouTube.”

    I’m no big SuBo fan, but Elaine’s comment is pretty distasteful. Paige recently did a duet with Susan for a TV special. Elaine could have passed on the gig, but she had little problem basking in the stardom of someone for whom she has so little respect.

  • Two days after an intruder broke into her home, Susan Boyle’s brother, John, reveals he’s worried she’ll be assassinated like John Lennon. “This it the second time something has happened to Susan at her home and it is extremely worrying. Susan is a massive world star and needs better protection. You look at what happened to John Lennon in New York – it’s really worrying.” (The Sun)
  • Remember that whole thing about Nicholas Hoult lingering in Skins co-star Dev Patel‘s shadow after Slumdog Millionaire? What a difference a year makes: Hoult, fresh off his role in Tom Ford‘s A Single Man, will star in Fury Road, the next installment in George Miller‘s Mad Max series. The Hollywood Reporter reports, “The movie is set a short while after the story detailed in 1985’s Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, which keeps Mad Max, the character originated by Mel Gibson, relatively young. Details are being kept quiet, but it is known that Hoult’s character is named Nux.”
  • “Either the old lady look is in this season or Kate Moss‘ stylist has been clumsy with her highlights.” (Daily Mail)
  • Former Doctor Who star Billie Piper goes ginger for Secret Diary of a Call Girl. (Daily Mail)
  • The Inbetweeners was named “Funniest TV Show” at Loaded Magazine’s Laftas Awards. Jonathan Ross was named Funniest TV Personality. (TV Scoop)
  • Scottish tennis star Andy Murray has avenged his U.S. Open loss to Marin Cilic, beating the Croatian in four sets in the Australian Open semifinals. He’ll play the winner of the Roger Federer/Jo-Wilfried Tsonga match in the finals. (Telegraph)
  • Why does Simon Cowell wear his trousers so high? It’s old age. (Daily Mail)
  • Any Dream Will Do winner Lee Mead will star in a West End production of Wicked. (The Sun)
  • Pete Doherty‘s ex-girlfriend, heiress and filmmaker Robin Whitehead, has died of a drug overdose. (The Sun)
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.