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  • Apparently, while waiting for a flight to Chicago to appear on Oprah, Susan Boyle put on quite the show for stunned passengers in the British Airways VIP lounge at Heathrow airport. According to The Sun, Boyle swiped a mop from a cleaning person, used it a fake microphone, and began dancing, singing, and “shouting obscenities at full volume.” (She also – allegedly – began shining random people’s shoes with the mop. People didn’t respond too kindly to Boyle’s generosity.) British Airways has issued a statement saying, “A customer in the BA lounge on Tuesday was asked to temper their behavior as it was becoming disruptive.”

    Kinda lends some credence to Neil McCormick‘s piece in The Daily Telegraph about Boyle in which he said, “While researching my article, I did actually hear worse things said about her than anything I could have come up with, and some of it from sources that have worked quite closely with her. There was certainly the suggestion that she is mentally very fragile, and essentially being propped up through a process that she finds extremely difficult.”

    In other news:

  • Is this “Crazy Press Quote Week” for Billie Piper? First, there was “Pretend Penetration in Your Pants” and then there was the bonkers declaration of love for Mr. Simon Cowell. Now the former Doctor Who star tells The Independent she hates her feet so much that she used a “foot double” on Secret Diary of a Call Girl. I think I love her more than ever. No need to hide the feet when she so elegantly places them in her mouth.
  • TV Squad assures you, “Doctor Who is in good hands with [new head writer] Steven Moffat.”
  • In the new documentary No Distance Left to Run, Blur frontman Damon Albarn talks about his heavy marijuana use, his time in “the heroin scene,” his mental health issues during Blur’s heyday, and his anger at OasisNoel Gallagher. “Noel used to take the p*** out of me constantly and it really, really hurt at the time,” Albarn says in the film. “Oasis were like the bullies I had to put up with at school.” The Guardian has a clip from No Distance Left to Run.
  • Fellow Britpop icons Suede are reuniting for a one-off concert, but guitarist Bernard Butler (now a big record producer) will not be a part of it. (NME)
  • Dappy, a member of the British rap group N-Dubz, is under fire for texting a death threat to a woman who had contacted BBC Radio 1 slamming the band. As BBC NEWS reports, “Chloe Moody texted The Chris Moyles Show while the band were being interviewed, calling them ‘losers’ and labelling Dappy ‘repulsive’. But she was shocked to receive a message the following day from rapper Dappy saying: ‘Your [sic] gonna die.’ The BBC said Dappy took down Ms. Moody’s number without producers’ knowledge.”
  • The Brits are putting on their boogie shoes to stay warm in this frigid winter: dance shows are all the rage across the Atlantic this season. (Variety)
  • Leona Lewis has had yet another bizarre encounter with violence. (The Sun)
  • MTV host Alexa Chung mocks rumors that she’s anorexic in an ad for Bing. (The Sun)
  • Nope, can’t make this stuff up: a UK TV series in development asks terminally ill volunteers to submit themselves to ancient Egyptian mummification. (Variety)
  • There will be no World Cup song for England this year.(BBC)
  • IFC is releasing Channel 4’s Red Riding trilogy in U.S. theaters. What will Americans think of the adaptations of David Peace‘s very British crime novels? The Guardian‘s Danny Leigh looks at how the films might translate here. Watch the trailer.
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.