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TV: Doctor Who

Duh! You’d have to be living under an asteroid to not know there’s a new Doctor in time and space, and his name is Matt Smith. Viewers of Doctor Who: The End of Time, Part Two saw David Tennant‘s Tenth Doctor dramatically regenerate into Smith’s Eleventh Doctor, ushering in a new era for the long-running sci-fi show. Watch the regeneration video here:

Doctor Who Season Five premieres on BBC AMERICA this spring – check out the teaser site and the trailer for the new season below:

Music: Hot Chip’s One Life Stand

Doves‘ “Kingdom of Rust” may have been my No. 1 British song of 2009, but if I had my way, the not-yet-officially-released Hot Chip single “One Life Stand” would have topped the list. Nothing I heard in ’09 was as quietly stirring, and it launched high expectations for the London-based band’s fourth album, which hits stores in the U.S. on February 9th. On today’s Rolling Stone website, Hot Chip lead singer Alexis Taylor explains the band’s ethos: “There’s a lot of bad dance music that sounds soulless and horrible. I think people forget that there can be records that have great warmth with house rhythms. For us, the production of our songs is important but at the same time, we want there to be honesty and an emotional content.”

If “One Life Stand” is any indication, the band has produced another house classic. Watch the video for the new song:

Film: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I

Seriously? Seriously. Is there another movie in 2010 more anticipated than this one? OK, maybe the Iron Man sequel, but you know Paramount will churn out 25 more installments of that cash cow franchise. The Deathly Hallows is the final journey of the British film series based on JK Rowling‘s blockbuster novels. (Part One comes out this November, and Part Two premieres in July 2011.)

Can you believe the first film hit theaters in 2001? We’ve watched Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint spring up from tweens to sexually assured young adults over the course of the past 9 years. And, according to director David Yates, we may even see a bit of skin in this heretofore family-friendly franchise: “There are a couple of scenes in the new film in which [Radcliffe] will undress, but we’re still thinking about how we present it. There is another scene in King’s Cross station, where Harry almost dies and sees Dumbledore. In that scene, he will also be naked.”

Watch the teaser. My apologies: the Radcliffe bum is sadly absent from the clip.

In some 2009 news, guess what the sixth most-downloaded TV season on iTunes last year was? Hint: it’s a BBC AMERICA show and features a few good men crashing things into each other.

Yes, Top Gear Season 12 was behind only Mad Men, Lost, 24, Grey’s Anatomy, and NCIS amongst all the series in the world in iTunes downloads last year. Congrats to Clarkson, Hammond, May, and the Stig for continuing to bring their unique brand of awesome to the masses.

Oh, and in other big news, you may call him Sir Patrick Stewart:

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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.