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  • Andy Serkis (Gollum from The Lord of the Rings) is replacing former Doctor Who star David Tennant in John LandisBurke and Hare. Simon Pegg, who co-stars in the film, announced it on his Twitter feed. Damn, I was looking forward to Pegg and Tennant trading quips. Not that Serkis isn’t fabulously talented…I’m just having a bit of Tennant withdrawal, and I need my fix. (MTV)

  • Doctor Who won Best Drama and Gavin & Stacey took home Best Comedy at the National Television Awards. (BBC)
  • Amy Winehouse faces a court fine for pulling the hair of a theater manager at a Christmas pantomime show back in December. Winehouse was said to have had “five vodka and cokes” before she arrived at the theater, and she became disruptive during the show. After being asked to leave by the theater manager, Winehouse “grabbed his hair and pulled,” a prosecutor told a court today. Winehouse pleaded guilty to assault charges and “was given a two-year conditional discharge and ordered to pay £85 in costs and £100 in compensation to her victim,” The Times reports.
  • Legendary Little Britain lothario David Walliams has finally been tamed: he is engaged to model Lara Stone. (BBC)
  • The Daily Telegraph‘s Neil McCormick explains the Susan Boyle’s BRIT snub: “As for the absence of SuBo – well, she’s a big seller, but critically reviled and with a fan base that really exists outside of the music world. I bet few of the 1000 strong academy has even heard her album, unless they had to work [on] it.”
  • That bloke from 300 and Rachel from Friends were caught sucking face at the Golden Globes, it has been “claimed.” (The Sun)
  • Fifteen years after Braveheart, Mel Gibson will direct a film about about the Viking invasions of England and Scotland. Gibson says, “The very first idea I ever had about making a film was when I was 16 years old and I wanted to make a Viking movie. And I wanted to make it in Old Norse, which I was studying at the time. That was the first big, epic, wacky idea I ever had.” (Telegraph)
  • The Guardian looks back at the original Edge of Darkness miniseries, which has been remade into a very awful-looking Mel Gibson movie.
  • Why Nick Drake‘s music endures nearly 40 years after his death. (Telegraph)
  • Filed under You Gotta Be F****** Kidding Me: Martin Scorsese “listens to [Leona Lewis‘] ‘Bleeding Love’ every single day when he goes out jogging. He said he thinks it’s an utterly terrific track and really gets his blood pumping.” (The Sun)
  • Paul Weller and Bruce Foxton have recorded two new songs together, but where’s our damn Jam reunion? (Guardian)

    By the way, remember that rumored collaboration between X Factor‘s Jedward twins and Vanilla Ice? Well it materialized at today’s National Television Awards in Britain. Watch the brilliance here:

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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.