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  • David Furnish, partner of Sir Elton John, says friends have come to him expressing worries about George Michael‘s well-being: “They’re saying they’re concerned about his health, concerned about his state of mind and his well-being and because Elton has been there and experienced sobriety now for 19 years, that perhaps he’s in the best position to help him.” This comes days after The Guardian published an interview with Michael in which the singer reveals the extent of his drug abuse and dysfunction.

  • Speaking of pop stars going off the rails, Pete Doherty has been arrested in Berlin for “allegedly throwing a bottle at a parked car window.” (BBC)
  • Lady GaGa meets a real Queen for once.(Guardian)
  • Joely Richardson has finally opened up about the loss of her sister, actress Natasha Richardson, who died unexpectedly in a skiing accident in March: ”We were such opposites. Chalk and cheese, but completely enmeshed in each other. I hadn’t lived a day in my life without her. You worry about your children and your elders, but I never imagined such a thing as this. Tash was a given to me. The shock shatters you on a cellular level, and it takes time for the pieces to come back together, albeit in a different formation.”(Telegraph)
  • The Guardian‘s Alexis Petridis reviews the decade in pop: “There hasn’t been the kind of dizzying, rupturing musical progress that once came as standard. Instead, everything got revived, from folk to rave to early 80s synth pop. Quite why is a moot point, although it’s worth noting that the noughties was the first decade in which attention seemed to switch from rock and pop music itself, to the means by which music was transmitted and consumed.”
  • Check out the first Sade single in 10 years: “Soldier of Love”. I’m digging the military drums and metal guitars. (I’m not joking. This ain’t “Smooth Operator,” folks.)
  • NME has named their 50 best songs of 2009.
  • Robson Green has threatened to punch X Factor judge Louis Walsh for making fun of Green’s former singing career. (The Wire In the Blood star used to be one-half of the megapopular Robson and Jerome, managed by none other than Walsh’s X Factor co-judge, Simon Cowell.) Green really lets Walsh have it in The Sun: “I would have no qualms about punching Louis’s lights out. He wouldn’t see it coming with all the surgery he’s had. In fact Louis had better get himself a decent cosmetic surgeon because at the moment, Louis, you look like you’ve been shot. He needs to shut up. He’s always slagging us off. I know it’s part of the show, the act, but he’s been doing it loads of times now.”

    For those who don’t know Robson Green’s other career, enjoy this small sampling:

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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.