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BBC reporter Tom Brook recently chatted with Sir Michael Caine about the two-time Oscar winner’s new film. Mr. Brook provides today’s guest blog:

Sir Michael Caine isn’t normally associated with political activism but he wants his new film – Harry Brown – to be seen as a wake up call for action.

Speaking at the Toronto Film Festival, where Harry Brown has just had its world premiere, he told Talking Movies‘ Tom Brook that he hopes the film will focus attention on the violent crime and drug addiction that’s become rampant in so-called “Broken Britain.” In the film Caine plays a widower on a London housing estate infested by drug dealers and violent thugs. When his best friend gets killed he metes out vigilante-style justice.

Sir Michael – who’s 76 – has made over 100 films – probably more than any other star at the Toronto Film Festival. He’s a towering figure in the film business, which should add weight to to his efforts to help the many young Britons whose lives he believes are being ruined by drugs and violence.

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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.