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  • The dream of British tennis dominance will have to wait a bit: Scottish tennis star Andy Murray was jettisoned from the U.S. Open by Croatia’s Marin Cilic in straight sets. (The Times)

  • Sir Paul McCartney wants The Beatles’ catalog available as downloads – and blames record label EMI for their songs not being on iTunes. (NME)
  • MSNBC ranks The Fab Four’s 14 albums from worst to best. The top four are predictable; No. 5 might surprise some.
  • The Daily Telegraph‘s Neil McCormick wonders if The Beatles are still cool.
  • Has Twitter made Stephen Fry, a British “national treasure,” uncool? Christopher Hart writes in The Times: “He is probably the most avid and compulsive celebrity tweeter around, his almost daily 140-characters-or-fewer updates giving you the man at his most characteristic and undiluted, his musings richly decorated with naughty, bottom-based swearwords.You also find here that most irritating aspect of the celebrity world: the inability to distinguish between public and private.”
  • Yes, even Leona Lewis has people in her family she’d rather not acknowledge.(Telegraph)
  • John Lydon celebrates the just-announced reunion of his band Public Image Ltd. – but the death of Oasis has left him in “mourning”: “They’re a nice backdrop on a dull day. There’s no content or depth to Oasis but it’s still poignant.”
  • Colin Firth hilariously hits out at Botoxed actors: “Why on earth would you take a violin and make the strings so that they don’t vibrate?” he told BBC NEWS. Um….bwahahahaha. He goes on: “Injecting something in to your face so it’s paralyzed, or cutting bits of it up so that you take any signs of life out of it is catastrophic if you’re going to express yourself in any way at all.” Sounds like someone won’t be asked to make another Bridget Jones film.
  • Mel C., a.k.a. Sporty Spice, will be “the first Spice Girl” to star in a West End production: she’s signed on to a staging of Blood Brothers. (Mirror)
  • Is Amy Winehouse back with her ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil? Is she nuts? Reportedly, Amy’s father, Mitch, walked in on the divorced duo in bed. (The Sun)
  • Jordan and Peter Andre were granted an Amy/Blake-style quickie divorce. (The Sun)
  • Charlotte Church claims she would have been a better replacement for Sharon Osbourne on X Factor than Girls Aloud member Cheryl Cole. “It’s a great format and I’m well sorted to judge who can sing. I still can’t believe the panel, they have no-one with a trained voice. I’m surprised they have not called me.” (The Sun)
  • Is Cheryl Cole’s latest “Stand By Your Man”-esque solo single about her own troubled marriage? (Daily Mail)
  • Richard Curtis pen an episode of this season’s Doctor Who? Now The Sun speculates that Curtis’ greatest creation, Sir Edmund Blackadder, could come along for the ride.
  • Lily Allen keeps looking better and better. As does Billie Piper.
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.