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  • Susan Boyle had her U.S. unveiling on last night’s America’s Got Talent finale, and she gave her best, most commanding performance yet. She sang her first single, a remake of The Rolling Stones‘ hit “Wild Horses.”

    OK, in typical Boyle fashion, the lady needed a moment to warm up. (Man, that first verse was a snooze.) But the choice to shift the chorus up an octave was inspired, making the song more mournful. And she totally stuck the landing.

    You can see the growth in her as a performer since May. She’s no Streisand or k.d. lang or even a Natalie Cole – let’s get real, people, she’s not on that level – but for the first time, the hype surrounding her didn’t seem totally unwarranted. Welcome to the States, Ms. Boyle. We’re much nicer over here.

    By the way, was this arrangement of “Wild Horses” influenced by The Sundays‘ 1992 version? (MTV and Idolator have also noted the similarities.) Listen and compare:

  • Neil McCormick of The Daily Telegraph wasn’t so kind about her rendition of the “sacred” Stones classic.
  • At least Susan has an airtight alibi: during a performance for the Prime Minister, a young member of the Britain’s Got Talent-winning dance troupe Diversity landed on his face instead of his feet during a backflip. (Mirror)
  • Get ready for a Harry Potter theme park in Florida. (The Times)
  • The Spice Girls decided to have a ladies’ night out – but Victoria Beckham was nowhere to be found. Maybe they didn’t want Ol’ Lemonface squirting tang all over their good time. (The Sun)
  • Even though they really don’t exist anymore, Oasis is nominated for a Q award for Best Act in the World Today. Arctic Monkeys lead with four nods.
  • Oasis bassist Andy Bell will play a DJ set at a London club, making him the first member of the group to perform in public since Noel Gallagher left. (NME)
  • It’s a Clash mini-reunion! (NME)
  • Katie “Jordan” Price said in an interview that she’d never name the “celebrity” who raped her, but police have contacted her about the allegation.(BBC)
  • Gordon Ramsay didn’t respond so well when asked in an interview if he still cooks in his own restaurants: “When you go and spend £500 on an Armani suit and you are happy with it, you don’t ask the lady at the desk whether it was Giorgio himself who stitched it. I know the confidence I have in my team, in fact we have been together for over 10 years – how can you propel talent if you don’t expose them.”(Telegraph)
  • Elizabeth Taylor sill pines for her late ex-husband, film icon Richard Burton, even keeping his picture by her bed, says Burton’s niece, Sian Owen.(BBC)
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.