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  • Hackers broke into a computer owned by Leona Lewis‘ record company and leaked tracks that were to be released on Lewis’ sophomore album in November. One of them is a collaboration with Justin Timberlake titled “Don’t Let Me Down”, and I gave it a listen earlier today. It’s a percussion-heavy, mid-tempo ballad that’s a cross between Beyoncé‘s “Halo” and Leona’s own “Bleeding Love.” And it also happens to be awful. I wasn’t a fan of “Bleeding Love” and its gynecological connotations (“I keep bleeding/I just keep bleeding”), but at least it had drama in its cringe-worthiness. “Don’t Let Me Down” is just a snooze. Whoever hacked into that computer may have done Leona a favor – now she and Simon Cowell can take that negative feedback and head back into the studio.

  • Oasis brothers Liam and Noel Gallagher no longer speak and only see each other onstage, Liam has revealed.(The Independent)
  • Over 40 Beatles songs will appear in their Rock Band video game.(NME)
  • The Jimmy Page/The Edge/Jack White guitar documentary It Might Get Loud is hitting theaters soon. The Daily Telegraph‘s Neil McCormick ponders the death of the rock guitar, with UK bands Muse, Editors, and Kasabian all trading in their axes for keybs. “Maybe this is just a blip, but with the ubiquity of computer recording programs that lend themselves to the easy digital interface with the almost incomparably versatile synthesizer, could the age of the guitar finally be coming to an end?”
  • I think Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner is adorable, but the bad Ally Sheedy hair is an epic FAIL.(BBC)
  • Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart = snuggle bunnies at a Kings of Leon concert?(Telegraph)
  • Anyone wanna take Russell Brand‘s “sex masterclass”? He’s very comprehensive.(The Sun)
  • Newsflash: many young people have smoked pot, including actors from the Harry Potter films.(The Sun)
  • Cheryl Cole will perform her first solo single on X Factor.(Mirror)
  • Did Katie “Jordan” Price threaten to run over a teenager with her pink van?(The Sun)
  • John Cleese‘s ex-wife has a voice that “could tear the testicles out of a rabbit.”(Daily Mail)
  • UK Office funnyman Martin Freeman learns some sad details of his family history in a BBC documentary.(The Sun)
  • The BBC will make a drama about the collapse of Lehman Brothers starring James Cromwell and The State Within star Ben Daniels.(BBC)
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.