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After attempting to perform a Whitney Houston (!) song at a wedding reception, Katie “Jordan” Price flew into a rage when she felt she was being mocked by model Nicola McLean. A source told The Mirror:”She stormed over to Nicola and kept screaming: ‘I’m not an awful singer.’ It was hilarious as she was absolutely terrible and was literally screeching and everyone was laughing at her.”

As Nene from The Real Housewives of Atlanta would say, Naw, boo, yo’ a** cain’t sing. Here’s a clip from Katie’s recent past i.e. when she was still with Peter Andre:

  • Did Jordan’s foul behavior destroy a gay wedding? I predict Jordan’s makeup will look even more busted than usual in the very near future.(The Sun)

  • A “wrinkled and haggard” Kate Moss gets her close-up in The Daily Mail. “All that St. Tropez sunshine, cigarettes and champagne seem to have finally taken their toll on Kate Moss. The 35-year-old model showed clear signs of a furrowed forehead, crows feet, freckles and blemishes as she sunbathed on a yacht off the French resort.”
  • Dannii Minogue says she’s kicked Botox: “For the X Factor, it’s actually quite useful to be able to have facial expressions.”(Telegraph)
  • Paula Abdul: did she jump or was she pushed?(E!)
  • Isn’t it redundant for Simon Cowell, the biggest b***h in all of entertainment, to dress up like a pooch? He did just that in that, according to TV Squad: “Back in the early 80’s, a young Simon Cowell helped bring ‘Ruff Mix,’ a techno tune consisting entirely of dogs barking, to the music world’s increasingly tone deaf ears. He was so committed to making the song a success that he was even willing to go on national television dressed as the song’s main character, Wonderdog, to promote it.”
  • Victoria Beckham‘s children clearly want to humiliate her. (Mirror)
  • What’s this? A British tabloid being supportive of one of their homegrown successes? The Sun celebrates the rise of So You Think You Can Dance? host Cat Deeley.
  • Alex Turner has written a tribute to his girlfriend, MTV host Alexa Chung, on the latest Arctic Monkeys album.(The Sun)
  • Thom Yorke and Radiohead say they will make one-off singles, not albums, from now on.(BBC)
  • Sir Elton John plays piano on an Alice in Chains tribute song to late frontman Layne Staley.(NME)
  • David Byrne takes his “Playing the Building” art project to London.(Guardian)
  • Mani says the continued animosity between Ian Brown and John Squire is the reason why there won’t be any Stone Roses reunion. “It’s getting very boring that one now isn’t it?” Mani says, “I don’t know why they don’t kiss and make up.”(Guardian)


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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.