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Late-afternoon Saturday, I've crawled back to my air-conditioned hotel room for a few moments of cold water, Powerade and quiet rest – and wanted to report back from yet another action-packed day at the ol' Con. Heading back over to the Convention Center shortly, for tonight's big Torchwood: CoE Day Five & Doctor Who: Planet of the Dead screenings (starts at 7:30pm, in Room 6DE), so let's get right down to it, shall we?

Up even earlier than usual this morning, to rave reviews from last night's Boosh Bash at local downtown bar Fourth and B. Lines of die-hard Boosh-ers wrapped well around the club, as partygoers danced well into the wee hours of the morning, celebrating their dedication to the surreal hit comedy series. Clearly, a night to remember, especially coming off the packed panel earlier that day!

Straight over to the Convention Center, to prepare for the day's big autograph signings at the booth. With writer/executive producer extraordinaire Russell T Davies scheduled to grace the booth at 10:30am, time was of the essence. And indeed, within 10 minutes of the Exhibition Floor opening to the public, we were flush out of tickets for the autograph signings, having flown through dozens of multicolored raffle tix (red for Russell, blue for the Boosh cast, and yellow for Being Human's actors & creator). No sooner had we had handed out signing passes, then it was time to start cordoning off lines for the RTD signing.

But no matter the size of the crowds or the quickly-rising temperatures on the Exhibition Floor, Russell lived up to his legendary status as one of the most iconic & beloved sci-fi writers in the biz, greeting each attendee with warmth, personality and charm, writing personalized messages and posing for intimate photos. Really, if you weren't already a lifelong RTD devotee… you are now! What a gentleman.

Later that afternoon, the newly-minted stars of BBCA's newest sci-fi series, Being Human, took over: Russell Tovey, Lenora Crichlow and Aidan Turner, plus creator Toby Whithouse. Sure, the show isn't set to debut on BBCA until this evening (9/8c), but one look at these sexy, charismatic young actors, and you'd be setting your DVR. With all the promotion for the show during Children of Earth's run on BBCA this past week, booth-goers were bubbling with excitement & energy to mingle with the BH gang and get some face-time before they blow up in the U.S. And Comic-Con's international attendees only added to the fever-pitch, raving about the show's gripping mix of dark thrills and humorous levity. I recommend holding on to that autograph now, so you can show off how you met them when…!

Wrapping up the day were the comedy groundbreakers behind The Mighty Boosh. Fresh off a whirlwind Comic-Con tour (including signings at the Adult Swim booth, and a jam-packed panel the day before), fans still lined up hours beforehand for a chance to shake hands with the geniuses behind the Crack Fox and other beloved sketches. Actors/creators Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding, plus cast members Michael Fielding, Rich Fulcher and Dave Brown signed postcards, DVD covers and Comic-Con exclusive t-shirts for hundreds of awestruck viewers.

Speaking of Boosh, cheers were likely heard outside of the Convention Center, as patient shoppers finally got their hands on the long-awaited Mighty Boosh shirts, promised to deliver since Wed evening's Preview Night. And, loyal devotees celebrated with not 1 but 2 big handouts of BBCA's much-requested Doctor Who/Being Human bags. Tomorrow's your last day to score the oversized carryall, so be sure to swing by #3629 on Sunday, for a chance to grab one, before they're gone!

Sunday, the final day of the Con's 40th edition, promises to be the biggest one yet for BBC America's fans. Panels for Doctor Who (featuring the avidly-anticipated star, David Tennant), Torchwood (with John Barrowman) and Being Human promise to pack Ballroom 20 with fans for nearly all of the day. And as the last day to stock up on our show-exclusive t-shirts and collectibles, the retail booth should see even heavier foot traffic. So though the Con may almost be up, BBC America's still going strong!

– RL

Woah…is this David Tennant?

“Doctor Who” and “Torchwood” creator Russell T Davies autographs for fans.

The “Being Human” cast does a signing.

“Being Human” star Aidan Turner (Mitchell) hugs a fan for a photo.

A viewer shows off his signed “Being Human” bag

The “Boosh” boys do a signing.

Meet the “Torchwood” team…

More fun and games at the BBC AMERICA booth…

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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.