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Salutations from another sunny, sweaty, sci-fi-scented day here in San Diego. Day #3 of Comic-Con was another rousing success, as throngs of thousands poured through the doors of the Convention Center, into the moist, poorly-air conditioned halls & exhibition floors, for another overwhelming day of exclusive panels, signings, screenings & signings that make Comic-Con International such a Can’t Miss event. (After all, how often do you cross a city street with Indiana Jones, Batman & Robin and a team of Ghostbusters, all before 9am?!)

Kicking off the Weekend at the Con, we knew things would be even busier and more packed than yesterday… but certainly no one expected the massive stampede that hit the BBC America booth within seconds of the Exhibition Floor doors opening. Clearly, word had spread rampantly of BBCA’s huge Doctor Who/Being Human bag giveaways… and by 9:35am, crowds were waiting 5-deep to get their pulsating paws on our fan-treat. Rule & order quickly went flying out the window, as the masses leaned, pushed and shoved their way for the gotta-have collectible. And even with many more bags than Thursday, within minutes all we were left with were sweaty brows, rising pulses and empty cardboard boxes… As promised yesterday, we’ll be back with more bags giveaways on both Saturday & Sunday, so there are still plenty of chances to scoop one up, provided you possess some of the superhero skills so widely admired at the Con. (Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, perhaps?)

Business at the BBCA Booth continued to be brisk and busy, with the second order of Mighty Boosh t-shirts quickly following Wednesday’s lead and selling out. With anticipated shipments due to arrive for Saturday morning, pre-order reservations were a hot request, as lovers of the surreal comedy series continued to plead for the collectible.

Indeed, even with BBCA’s exclusive signings at the booth not scheduled until tomorrow, Booth #3629 had a run-in with A-list celebrity, as Gerard Way (frontman of the multi-platinum glam-goth rock band My Chemical Romance – as well as an accomplished comic author himself, as writer of the Eisner Award-winning book The Umbrella Academy) stopped by to scoop up all three seasons of the Boosh on DVD. (Do we detect some tour-bus viewing between shows, perhaps?)

Speaking of, Boosh was in the air, with signings happening at the Adult Swim booth (AS currently air the acclaimed series), plus a much-anticipated panel in Room 6A later this afternoon. Then, the Boosh stars (actors/creators Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding, plus cast members Michael Fielding, Rich Fulcher and Dave Brown) will be heading into downtown-SD for a hot-ticket cash & DJ set at the bar Fourth and B. We’ll have much more recap from the Boosh itinerary in future blog postings, so don’t fret.

Dress-up was also the order of the day, with attendees in increasingly elaborate & oft-scary masks, make-up and costumes filed through, ranging from the immediately identifiable (multiple Doctors, Watchmen and Jokers) to the pointedly obscure. A special prize goes to the lovely young lady in the home-made Dalek Dress, who swung by to pose & exchange tips with the real Dalek over from the UK. Almost like seeing double! And who doesn’t love the Little Mermaid herself, Ariel, combing her thick red locks with her “dinglehopper” (known above water as a fork).

Tomorrow looks to be an even busier day, with special autograph sessions at the BBCA stall with Russell T Davies, the Being Human cast and The Mighty Boosh boys, and a special late-night screening of Day 5 of Torchwood: Children of Earth and an early-showing of the latest U.S. premiere Doctor Who special, Planet of the Dead. And, of course, we’ll be there every step of the way, providing all the scoop you missed or need to relive again. We’ll be back with more later – but until then, may the Force stay with you!

– RL

An aerial view of Comic-Con

Ariel from “The Little Mermaid” braves Comic-Con

More than meets the eye: the “Transformers” line up

He calls himself…The Doctor

Captain Jack and Ianto make an appearance. The facial scar on Ianto (caused during “Children of Earth”) is nice attention to detail.

The mad rush for “Being Human”/”Doctor Who” bags begins…

The bags prove to be hot commodities at the convention.

The rush becomes an all-out frenzy.

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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.