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  • In an interview with USA Today, British actor Stephen Moyer, who plays vampire Bill Compton on True Blood, says he doesn’t feel awkward at all shooting graphic sex scenes with his real-life lover, Oscar-winning actress Anna Paquin (Sookie):

    “We have now been together for nearly two years. Our relationship has grown with everybody watching us and knowing us, so we’re incredibly comfortable in front of (the crew). I actually think that it helps, because we are able to try things in the sex scenes – I think we’re able to do things that perhaps a couple that weren’t together would never dare try. It certainly makes those moments much easier on the crew knowing that we feel comfortable. I’m so used to having them on set when Anna and I are having a love scene that when we get home and we’re in bed by ourselves, I kind of miss them.”

    Hmm, if Stephen Moyer weren’t so hot, that would be mucho creepy. You might remember Moyer from the BBC AMERICA series, NY-LON, in which he got involved in some heavy erotic acrobatics with co-star Rashida Jones. And I must say, his natural British accent is much more alluring than his phony U.S. twang. Watch a clip of NY-LON here.

  • NBC’s Merlin premiered to disappointing numbers last night. Me, I was watching old episodes of Peep Show and The Royle Family on DVD. That Ricky Tomlinson is a hoot-and-a-half.(TV By the Numbers)
  • Doctor Who‘s Billie Piper, husband Laurence Fox, and baby spent Father’s Day here in NYC. Laurence Fox does not look happy with the paparazzi attention, but Piper grins like an old pro. (Daily Mail)
  • Simon Cowell on Susan Boyle: mistakes were made. (Daily Mail)
  • Simon Cowell had his Royal Ascot party crashed by desperate D-list celebs. (Daily Mail)
  • Kate Moss has apparently learned a few things about love spats from her good friend, Naomi Campbell. But instead of merely chucking a mobile phone at her rocker boyfriend Jamie Hince, Miss Moss threw his laptop – full of his newly recorded material – into the pool. “Jamie, lead singer of The Kills, screamed ‘noooooooo’ in slow-motion and plunged in after it, like David Hasselhoff in Baywatch.” And, “Sickeningly, they were not backed up – and, cruelly, the world will never, ever get to hear them.”(Mirror)
  • 7.1 million viewers watched as Top Gear “outed” racer Michael Schumacher as The Stig. (The Times)
  • Sir Michael Gambon has fathered a child with his mistress, and the wife knows. And she’s just tickled about it, it seems.(Daily Mail)
  • Martin Scorsese has restored the classic 1948 British film The Red Shoes.(Telegraph)
  • Filmmaker Duncan Jones plans to make a movie with his father, David Bowie.(BBC)
  • Is Jamie Oliver in hot water with President Obama after claiming the Commander-in-Chief has a personal taster? Probably not, but The Mirror will make a story out of it nonetheless.

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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.