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  • Simon Cowell and UK Topshop mogul Philip Green have teamed up to take over the world, in hopes of creating a global brand bigger than Disney. Also: will Cowell be higher-paid than Oprah for his work on American Idol?(Variety)

  • America’s Got Talent had its lowest-rated premiere last night, in spite of Susan Boyle mania.(Hollywood Reporter)
  • Could Jack Black – a guest on this week’s Friday Night with Jonathan Ross – play Susan Boyle in a movie? Those folks over at The Daily Beast are so mean! Dead-on, but mean.
  • Even though NBC’s Ben Silverman has presided over the network’s astonishing decline, British broadcaster ITV reportedly wants to steal him to be their CEO. (Variety)
  • ELO‘s Jeff Lynne will finish incomplete songs written by late Beatle George Harrison, his friend and former Traveling Wilburys bandmate.(Daily Swarm)
  • Oasis lead singer Liam Gallagher may make his big-screen debut in an adaptation of the novel Powder, “which tells the story of a band lured into a world of sex and drugs after making it big.” The subject matter isn’t a stretch, but have you ever heard the man string two words together?(The Sun)
  • Kelly Osbourne has “cancelled a trip to St. Lucia” to avoid an “out of control” Amy Winehouse. Understandable, considering Osbourne is a recovering addict herself.(Digital Spy)
  • Here’s Lily Allen as a blonde. Yeah, light-colored hair does not flatter her.(Daily Mail)
  • Brits can’t get enough blow – they are the “biggest market for cocaine in Europe.” (The Sun)
  • For those smart folk who prefer their mind-altering substances legal: ten great summer cocktails from The Times.
  • A bunch of drunks in a Cornish town gave new meaning to the term “Hump Day”. According to The Sun, “Rowdy revelers were sick into gardens, urinated and damaged cars on Beachfield Avenue in Newquay, Cornwall on a rowdy trip organized by a company specializing in pub crawls…Shocked residents reported seeing people throwing up, snogging, going to the toilet, ‘dry humping’, blasting an air horn and rolling over car bonnets.” Sounds like any old night in Washington Heights.
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.