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  • Kelly Clarkson has reached out and offered some much-needed support to Susan Boyle. According to The Sun, she told Britain’s GMTV: “It’s one of those things. She’s from a small town, I’m from a smaller town, it takes time to be like, ‘Wow, some people are really mean.’ But you have to focus on the people that are really positive around you.” And Leona Lewis also gives some sage advice: “It’s good to have a good support network around you and I think that’s the main thing – to have people that you can speak to.”

  • Susan Boyle will at least get sound financial advice: she has hired U2‘s money guy as her manager.(New York Post)
  • Pete Doherty has been fined in Geneva for allegedly taking drugs on a British Airways flight. “A British Airways spokeswoman said she could not confirm reports that police were called when the 30-year-old was found slumped in an on-board toilet with a hypodermic needle.”(Mirror)
  • Billy Elliot wins ten Tonys, and leave it to The Guardian‘s Matt Wolf to throw a bunch of ice water on Britain’s Tony euphoria: “Any New York producers preparing to pack their bags for a summer trip to London in search of the next Billy Elliot should be warned. The mega-musical days of the 1980s, when one London show after another transferred to huge success on Broadway, are long gone.”
  • Gratuitous partial nudity from a buff British soap star and gratuitous butt-waving from Rod Stewart‘s wife.
  • Prince Harry has been seen out-and-about with the lovely host of the UK Gladiators.(Daily Mail)
  • The Daily Mail plays nice with Kate Winslet.
  • A bunch of celebrities – including Sienna Miller, Charlize Theron, Woody Allen, and Sting – have signed a petition to have endangered bluefin tuna removed from Nobu London’s menu.(E!)
  • The UK-headquartered Pret á Manger restaurant chain is even changing its tuna policy, switching to a different type of tuna later in ’09.(Guardian)
  • Is David Mitchell really just Mark Corrigan from Peep Show?(Guardian)
  • Gillian Taylforth – the troubled actress who played Jackie, Kyle’s mother, on Footballers Wive$ – has finally ended her tumultuous relationship with her partner of 23 years.(Mirror)
  • Real-life footballer’s wife Coleen Rooney dons her freakum maternity dress for a Beyoncé concert.(Daily Mail)
  • Geri Halliwell cavorts with her latest slab of manmeat.(Daily Mail)
  • Katie “Jordan” Price denies reports that she’s losing her mind.(Daily Mail)
  • Johnny Marr explains the enduring resonance of The Smiths: “There’s a lot of emotion in them. I think emotive music shoots through trends and fashions and changes in style because it’s something people can relate to. Emotion’s emotion whether you dress it up or not…We meant it, there’s no faking it in there. That always stands the test of time.”(NME)
  • Scotland rules: Paolo Nutini and The View frontman Kyle Falconer will pull a Last Shadow Puppets and make an album together.(NME)
  • Pablo Picasso, Paul Cézanne, Gustav Klimt, Claude Monet, and Marcel Duchamp top The Times‘ list of the “Top 200 Artists of the 20th Century to Now.” Jackson Pollock, Andy Warhol, and Robert Rauschenberg were the top American artists.
  • A tornado has been spotted in the UK – an occurrence so rare, The Daily Telegraph has to define what a tornado is in the first paragraph of its news story.
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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.